Board of Directors

Chair of the Board

Markus Laurinen


Markus has 20+ years of experience in maritime technology and business, and he is currently holding a Growth & Solutions Director position, focusing on strategy and development of Remote & Autonomous business in Kongsberg Maritime. He has been actively involved and shaping the remote & autonomous business since 2015, holding various managerial positions in the domain. He holds Master of Science (Engineering) degree."

Vice-chair of the Board

Tero Vainio 




Roy Funck


Roy has 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, covering product and organization development, product management, innovation scouting, business development and customer services, and ecosystem creation, spanning from 1G to 5G. He holds a Master of Science (Engineering) degree from Aalto University. He joined ABB Marine and Ports in 2018 and has been working as the Senior Vice President of Technology since then.


Jinmo Park


Jinmo Park has a background in naval architecture and ocean engineering. He received his undergraduate and master of engineering degrees from Seoul National University, where he focused on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) dynamics and control. His career began at Hyundai Heavy Industries as a researcher mainly focused on ship dynamic system identification. Currently, he is the Head of Autonomous Control Research at Avikus.


Tommi Pettersson


Tommi has 25 years of experience in areas of international business, sales, business development, product management, product development and leading multicultural, multi-disciplined global teams. He holds Master of Science (Engineering) and Master of Science (Economics) degrees. He joined Cargotec in 2014 and has been working in different leadership roles in the areas of automation, product development, software development and R&D,


Esa Kallio


Esa is an accomplished Development Manager with expertise in Future VTS and modern safety leadership. With a solid background in seafaring, a Master's degree in Engineering focusing on Autonomous Maritime Operations, and ongoing Doctoral studies in Mechanical Engineering, he brings a unique mix of practical knowledge and technical proficiency to his role at the board. Esa's human-oriented approach and strategic vision make him an invaluable asset, driving innovation and operational excellence in maritime traffic management.


Pieter-Jan Note


Pieter-Jan Note is one of the co-founders and CEO of MAHI. He has a professional background in autonomous systems and offshore and dredging operations. Pieter-Jan founded Project Mahi in 2015, a private initiative that sent the world's first autonomous motor vessel across the Atlantic Ocean, completing an 8000km voyage purely on solar power. Pieter-Jan has received a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering/Aero and Space Technology from the University of Leuven and a Master of Science degree in Maritime Engineering Science/ Yacht and Small Craft from the University of Southampton.


Ben Zhang


Founder of AI-enabling autonomous shipping technology company Marautec and open platform Shipping AI Data Center, Ben Zhang has decades of experience in maritime industries, featuring strategic planning position in Lloyd's Register's headquarters in London, Chairman of Maritime & Finance Excellence Center in Shanghai, and President of Maritime London in China. He has an MBA from Manchester Business School, an MSc. in Marine Structure from NTNU in Norway, and a BSc. in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.